Sunday, October 08, 2006

My first Blog! Anne (who has a link to her blog through this one) has, at last, talked me into starting my own, involving photos and progress reports on model builds. I started building model kits of aircraft, tanks etc when I was quite young, then graduated to Tamiya kits of Grand Prix cars when I took an interest in the goings on at Brands Hatch, which was close to where I lived at the time. After many years of this, I suddenly woke one morning to discover that I didn't actually have a collection of anything much, just a random load of odd scale, odd marque cars. I had never built a 1:43 before, though I used to spend all my money at "Lamberts of Ley Street", if anybody remembers it, a wondrous place, completely devoted to the art of model car making and displaying, where I collected many 1:43 ready builts, the whereabouts of which completely escapes me. So I reasoned that a) I would be able to collect a lot more of one particular marque, and b) I would have room to display many more cars per display cabinet, and embarked on a collection of Lotus racing cars, some or all of which, at some time will be displayed on this blog.

the bodywork of two versions of the excellent new SMTS Lotus 49b - winners of the 1968 Monaco and Mexico Grand Prix, ready painted in Tamiya TS8 Italian red, awaiting polishing before work commences on the kits proper.